Night Club 2011

Three friends - aided by one of the residents - start a night club in a retirement home, after taking a job there working the night shift to put themselves through USC.

Martial Club 1981

Wong Fei Hung (Gordon Liu) and his friend are constantly having contests to see who has the better martial arts skill. After getting in trouble with their fathers, Wong Fei Hung settles down and starts to train seriously, while his friend still horses around. After his friend is hurt by a rival school, Wong goes to the school for retribution. Instead his skill is tested through a series of events which climax with him taking on a Northern martial artist (Wang Lung Wei). In an excellent battle of skill (and choreography), he earns the respect of the rival school. Also stars Mai Te Lo and Hui Ying Hung.

Winx Club: The Mystery of the Abyss 2014

The archenemies of the Winx Club, the Trix witches, team up with the evil nymph Politea and find out that, to defeat the fairies once and for all and become invincible, it takes very little: a Pearl hidden in the Deep of the Infinite Ocean! As small as powerful, the Pearl of the Depth gives enormous powers to those who possess it! For the Winx there is not a minute to waste: how will they stop the plans of their enemies before it's too late? Get ready: the most dangerous mission of the Winx is about to begin!

Mean Girls 2004

Cady Heron is a hit with The Plastics, the A-list girl clique at her new school, until she makes the mistake of falling for Aaron Samuels, the ex-boyfriend of alpha Plastic Regina George.

Club Life 2015

When Johnny D. is forced to take on his family's financial troubles, he turns to the Manhattan club scene to make some fast cash. As he falls under the wing of a veteran nightlife promoter, Johnny quickly rises through the ranks - but soon finds that not everything behind the red rope is full of glitz and glamour.

Strip Club Slayer 2016

When a strip club goer is killed, the dancers hire a bouncer to protect themselves. As the sexual tension grows between one of the women and the bouncer, the mystery of the dangerous killer unravels.

Club Dead 2015

After many a nights of failed attempts, a group of friends obsessed with Hollywood's hottest night spot finally make it in with the help of their new friend Judy. The hot music, beautiful people and open bar lead the gang to believe this will be the best night of their lives. But, it doesn't take long until they discover that Club Dead has a dark secret- it's run by the undead and those that get in aren't meant to come out "alive"! Judy discovers why she was chosen- Madame has a unique destiny in mind for the pure young beauty. When Judy and her friends discover the truth, chaos ensues as the group is desperate to find a way out of... Club Dead.

The Greenskeeper 2002

An assistant greenskeeper invites friends for a country club birthday party. A killer dressed as a greenskeeper crashes the party and kills people with golf tools.

Top Banana Club 1996

The story is about a popular Hong Kong radio show and their lives and stories about the three hosts, the movie also re-enacts the stories told to the hosts by the air on air guests. Anthony Wong mentioned about how badly Hong Kong society and entertainment treats "outsiders" (such as Gays and Alternative people). He tries to include deep messages as well as bizarre humor.

Club Fed 1990

A powerful gangster is murdered. However, All of his holdings were in his girlfriend's name. So she is charged and sent to a minimum-security prison, where all of the prisoners are filthy rich. There she meets and falls in love with an undercover FBI agent.

Girls' Club 1936

A hotel for women-only and catering to working girls is the setting for not being able to get a USA PCA seal-of-approval for this French-film, but New York City's 55th Playhouse played it anyway. Along the way the audience meets the girl who sneaked her lover into her no-men-allowed room and her patch soon turns blue; a young lady with a passionate intensity who chooses another young lady as the object of her affections; the blindly-misguided director of the hotel, another lady of real easy virtue who is not the one who smuggled her lover into her room; and a girl who is only there as a procurer for a slavery ring.

The Mistress Club 2000

When three women get cheated on by their husbands they decide to get even and open up The Mistress Club, where seduction is the name of the game and forbidden sex is the natural outcome.

The Torture Club 2014

Film adaptation of the same-titled comic popular for its extraordinary premise. Up-and-coming Yoshida Kota, known for his humorous yet sensual style in films like Usotsuki Paradox, creates a unique coming-of-age drama about love between two girls, with elements of sports and perseverance sprinkled throughout. The "Torture Club" is an official afterschool activity at the private school Saint Honesty Gakuen. Yuzuki (Kijima Noriko) has no idea about the club when she enrolls, and gets abducted by the club members and hauled off the clubroom. There, she finds out that upperclass student Aoi (Yoshizumi Haruna), her secret idol, is in the club, and decides to join, but…

27: El club de los malditos 2018

One night in the hottest summer in 20 years, Leandro De La Torre, famous punk singer, shoots out of a window and hits the roof of a car. It is the day of his 27th birthday. Paula, a young fan of twenty-one years old, records everything with her cell phone. Far from knowing that in that video is the key behind the murder of the musician. Martín Lombardo, a staunch supporter of Racing, is the detective in charge of investigating the case. Along with Paula you will discover the conspiracy behind the deaths of all famous rockers at 27 years old. Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, Sid Vicious and Leandro De La Torre have a lot in common: in fact, they were all murdered. Paula and Lombardo can be the following. Persecutions, impossible action scenes and completely unexpected twists make up the plot of 27.

Night Club Scandal 1937

When Dr. Ernest Tindal's wife is murdered, evidence mounts to convict her lover, Frank Marian. But Frank knows he didn't do it.....

The Cemetery Club 1993

The story of three Pittsburgh widows who meet every year to visit their husband's graves and talk about perspectives in their lives.

Club Myx

Club Myx is the dance music show which airs on MYX Philippines. The show includes music videos with party scenes from various clubs in the metro.

Club Life

Club Life is a series developed by Producer Jamie Hall, and is broadcast on citytv for Canada. Club Life premiered on June 7, 2008 with season 2 expected to air Nationally in June 2010. Season one was filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The show is about, as the title suggests, life in the night clubs. The first season focused on club etiquette. Topics ranged from fashion and drunk indicators to "How to be a VIP" and "How to treat a bartender". The show was a ratings success which has led to Season two which will be shot in Las Vegas and will help Canadians navigate Las Vegas nightlife.

Tamori Club

Tamori Club is a late-night variety program hosted by comedian Kazuyoshi Morita, better known as Tamori. It is broadcast in Japan on the TV Asahi network. It started on 8 October 1982, and is one of the longest-running programs in Japan. This program deals with social phenomena from original, maniac viewpoints. Due to its "low budget", it has no stage sets, and almost all of the shooting is done on location.

The Club

The Club was an Australian reality television show about an Australian rules football sporting side, the Hammerheads, which was screened on the Seven Network in 2002 for one series. It was seen as a way for Seven to stay involved in football after losing the broadcast rights to the Australian Football League after the 2001 season. The show featured a handpicked team of amateur footballers coached by former VFL/AFL legend David Rhys-Jones which played against various Victorian football sides from the Western Region Football League second division, following the trials and tribulations of its players. Unlike normal clubs, the home audience were able to influence who was selected in the team each week by voting to keep their favourite players in the side. Viewers also got to vote on many of the club's other key aspects including its name, coach, captain and song. The show was considered trailblazing and generated a cult following, with several crowds at games featuring the Hammerheads pushing 5,000 spectators and many claiming the Hammerheads as their second favourite sporting team. After finishing the regular season in third position, the Hammerheads went on to win the Grand Final and claim the flag in their first – and only – season.

Club Reps 2001

Club Reps was a factual entertainment programme made for ITV by STV Productions. It ran from 2001 to 2004. The programme has been repeated on Sky Real Lives and Pick TV.

Saturday Club

Prime Television's Saturday Club is a morning children's program, filmed in their Australian Capital Territory studios. Hosted by Prime Possum and Madelaine Collignon, The program is packaged around popular Disney Cartoons airing at 9am on Saturday Mornings. Recently the program has been packaged around Disney Movies. GWN's Saturday Club is hosted by Doopa Dog and Madelaine Collignon

Tigerenten Club

Tigerenten Club is a German children's television programme. The programme involves a mix of games, quizzes, cartoons and outside reports from the presenters and children, with the aim to educate and entertain. It is produced by SWR in co-operation with other regional broadcasters, and is broadcast on ARD and KiKa. The logo and the name of the programme is based upon the Tigerente or 'Tigerduck', created by German cartoonist Janosch.

Club Buggery

Club Buggery is the title of an Australian television series of the 1990s. It was created and performed by Australian comedy duo Roy and HG and broadcast on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation network in 1996 and 1997.

Club 6

Club 6 is a Canadian music television series which aired on CBC Television between October 1960 and 1962. CHUM deejays Mike Darrow and Bob Willson played popular music for teens to dance to with featured performances by Tommy Ambrose, Pat Hervey, the Walter Boys and the Mickey Shannon Combo. The show was produced from a selected high school in Toronto.

The Club

The Club was a reality show about the competitive and cutthroat world of ICE, the stand-alone nightclub in Las Vegas. The series aired on Spike TV from 2004 to 2005. The show was an insiders look at the pressures and demands the people behind the party face in making ICE the ultimate nightlife experience. It featured appearances from such DJs as Donald Glaude, Paul Oakenfold, DJ Dan, Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren.

Disney Club

Disney Club is the name of many television shows associated to Disney productions aired mostly in Europe and Brazil during the 1990s and early 2000s.

Club Goa

Club Goa was a 2005 Swedish TV show in which STRIX Television's 12 most famous reality TV stars went on a bar tour to Goa, India. In 2005, several reality shows had been aired in Sweden on the commercial channels TV3, TV4 and Kanal 5, as well as on SVT, for a couple of years and produced quite a few celebrities in the process. TV3 took it on themselves to gather the most famous Swedish reality show participants from such shows, including Expedition Robinson, Big Brother, Baren, and so forth to run a restaurant in Drop Anchor, Goa, India. The show was never a big success on TV3. Club Goa was built upon strong characters and big cultural challenges. In the first series there were former reality TV participants from various shows that were highly familiar to the audience. The journey ended at a beach club in Goa, where celebrities were not just expected to work as bartenders, but also to take responsibility for the bar, the restaurant, marketing, and big events. One after another they were forced to leave the party and return home to a freezing winter. The last one standing on the beach won .

The Club 2003

The Club was a British reality television show, broadcast weekly on ITV. It ran for six weeks, beginning on Thursday 6 March 2003. Presented by Donna Air and Matt Brown, three celebrities were given control of their own individual bar in a London club, named Nylon. Each celebrity was given their own changeable team of staff and viewers were given the chance to vote the celebrities' staff off the show. At the end of the series, viewers were asked to vote for their favourite celebrity bar manager. Actor Dean Gaffney was the eventual winner, beating presenter/singer Richard Blackwood and former page three model, Samantha Fox. 49 percent of the audience voted him the best manager and he won the £15,000 prize. An ITV2 spin-off show also aired for the duration, and a highlights show aired on Saturday nights on ITV. Dooley's Vodka Toffee sponsored the show.

Club Dance 1991

Club Dance was a TV show that aired on The Nashville Network from April 1, 1991 to February 5, 1999 for a total of 1848 episodes, with re-runs until June 28, 1999 The show was filmed in Knoxville, Tennessee set at a fictional "White Horse Cafe". The cast consisted of enthusiastic unpaid local dancers and visiting professional dancers and dance groups from all over the United States, creating a unique atmosphere of mixing of styles and traditions. Within the limits of the script, the dancers were free to behave and respond to the music as if in a real dance venue. The show included a wide variety types of country dances lead and follow partner dances, choeographed dances, and line dances, as well as some others, most notably West Coast Swing, which due its slotted style allowed for dancing between tables and in other confined spaces. The show was accompanied with the monthly newsletter Club Dance: Behind the Scenes. It was produced by Knoxville-based RIVR Media.

Club X

Club X was a short-lived 1989 Channel 4 arts and music magazine programme that is often cited as an example of TV Hell.

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