Jungle Erotic 1970

Young women have an adventure in the African jungle - where they are harassed by gentle men, and wild monkeys.

Erotic Sister 2016

Thyssen, as well as a friend, is an "older sister" of two women, Su Min and So Ra, both decide to work first, as a result, do not have time for long - lasting relationships, which causes many sexual adventures and always that can meet - If to tell this adventures. So far, a man as one of the three interested, this would be the "ideal home" from then on each by itself ...

Erotic Tales

Conceived by one of Germany's most successful producers, Regina Ziegler, EROTIC TALES is a series of short films by prolific international directors, including Bob Rafelson (USA), Paul Cox (Australia) and Nicholas Roeg (UK), who were given carte blanche to create films that captured their vision of the erotic in their cultures.

Some: An Erotic Tale 2017

"Shhh...I have a boyfriend" A couple going through lethargy have a fling. Bomi is a friendly broadcasting writer. She has a boyfriend named Jeong-nam who just graduated from law school

Erotic Karma 2012

In this erotic thriller, lies, deceit, murder and magic unfold as two rival professors lust after a sultry teacher's assistant.

Last Erotic Train 2008

In a crowded train compartment, Misa felt somebody is touching her body, in a sexually harassing way. A man stood out pointing to Yoshi, “Hey, stop it! You sex maniac!”. Misa let Yoshi arrested but she could not confirm he did it. However, she could not forget Yoshi until she met him again one day and began to change her feeling towards the suspect.

Erotic Dreams 1992

A romance about a place where all of the fantasies of men are fulfilled by beautiful women.

Apartment Of Erotic Horror 2006

A sleazy photographer makes a deal with a hideous demon for eternal youth in exchange for young, nubile young girls, whom he lures to his Brooklyn apartment under the guise of modeling work. Once the photos are snapped, the true terror begins as the monster reveals itself and the photographer sits idly by as the creature rips and tears at the girls' young, tender flesh.

Erotic Zen 1991

A sex-mad couple discover that they are demons, and must have even more sex to regain human form.

Erotic Stories 1977

Comedy in 4 segments. In "Arroz e Feijão" (Rice and Beans), owner of a boarding-house seduces her young countryboy tenant. In "As Três Virgens" (The Three Virgins) three spinsters are influenced by the behaviour of their teenager niece, whom they are lodging. In "O Arremate" (The Purchase) a colonist turns his virgin daughter in to a landowner, to have his debts forgiven. And, finally, in "Vereda Tropical" (Tropical Trail), a man becomes sexually obsessed by a watermelon, to the point of having sexual intercourse with it. The stories are based on prize-winner short stories, from a Playboy contest.

Erotic Survivor 2001

Two teams have been assembled and taken to a remote island to compete in a series of tasks to determine the winner of Erotic Survivor. The Hey-Hu-Nanni tribe against the all lesbian Pu-Nanni tribe.

Planet of the Erotic Ape 2002

A mad scientist creates a device that transports him to a world where women rule. They keep all the men locked away, and have their sexual needs fulfilled by the local ape population. Soon the women force the newest male in their midst to help them find the biggest, most powerful ape available...

Erotic Symphony 1970

The Peace and Betty are twins and look like as two drops of water but their characters are completely different. Betty is open and jovial man while peace is closed off and timid. Their music professor Roda visitors to their island home and proposes to the Peace who are virtuoso piano to follow a series of concerts in Paris. Initially HESITATES but when Betty will announce that he will marry with Petro, with which peace is also in love, will change their minds and accept the proposal of Roda.

Playboy's Erotic Fantasies 1992

A series of nicely photographed, well-produced, artistic, erotic vignettes with an emphasis on lush romanticism.

Erotic Ghost Story II 1991

Wutung a sex demon returns in another body where he falls for the mortal girl Hsiao-yen, but heaven thinks otherwise with the girl being burned at the stake and her soul being incarnated in the just born Fang Yu-yin. Anger fills Wutung, and to stop this vengeance the town near his lair promise to offer him a virgin girl at the end of every month to become his sex slave. Ya-Yin is selected; however her lover rescues her from the clutches of Wutung. So Wutung sends his demon concubine to get her back, and to cause havoc on the village for the interference.

Erotic Images 1986

When her steamy Ph.D. thesis becomes a best-selling movie property, Julie Todd discovers that Hollywood wants more than just her book. She herself is a “hot property,” sought by both the director of the film and the arrogant young rock musician who’s playing the lead role. But while Julie speeds through life in the fast lane, her marriage may be running into a dead end.

Tales of Erotica 1996

A series of erotic short films, all with similar unexpected endings.

Erotic Diary 1974

A Nobel Prize winning professor tired with his life retreats to the woods and starts a colony for those looking to fulfill desires.

The Erotic Traveler 2007

The Midland Art Gallery is the home base for this erotic series starring Divini Rai as erotic photographer Marissa Johanson and Kaylani Lei as her pupil Allison Kraft. The series uses photographs and works of art to take episodic settings all over the world.

Erotic Confessions 1999

Anthology series wherein each episode, Jacqueline Stone reads a letter sent in from women recounting their erotic experiences.

Hotel Erotica 2002

Hotel Erotica is a Softcore porn anthology television show that is broadcast on the Cinemax cable television channel during its Skinemax late-night block. It is also broadcast in the after hours timeslot on The Movie Network. The show format usually involved the hotel's proprietor reading a letter from a former guest talking about their adventure at the hotel. The episode would then be a flashback of the guest coming to the hotel and falling in love with someone. The hotel proprietor was initially Cloe Wilson in the first season. In the second season it was Jenny. In the next season, the show was relaunched as Hotel Erotica Cabo which followed a similar format. Many notable softcore and hardcore porn stars appeared on the show, such as Beverly Lynne, Monique Parent, Angela Davies, Jenna Jameson, Ron Jeremy, and former WWE Diva Candice Michelle.

Hotel Erotica Cabo

Hotel Erotica Cabo is a 2006 late-night Cinemax television series directed by Gary Dean Orona and starring actresses McKenna Lee Elwood and Divini Rae.

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