Busy Inside 2019

Karen Marshall’s body, mind, and heart do not belong to her alone. She shares them with Rosalee, a smart and perky teenager; Timee, a flamboyant, puerile youth, who wears women’s clothing; an old lady, a habitué of museums; and a dozen of others. Karen’s official diagnosis is Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Through personal stories, “Busy Inside” delves deeply into DID — a condition that fascinates and puzzles modern psychiatry.

Busy Bodies 1933

In this short film, Laurel and Hardy wage battle with inanimate objects, their co-workers, and the laws of physics during a routine work day at a sawmill.

The Lion's Busy 1950

In an African jungle, hungry Beaky Buzzard can't wait until Leo the Lion is decently deceased before trying to devour him. Leo takes a rocket to the Moon to try to escape Beaky, but finds Beaky already there waiting for him.

Winnie-the-Pooh and a Busy Day 1972

Another Russian Pooh story. This time the donkey, known from the Pooh stories as Eyeore, is sad because he has no tail. Pooh goes in search of one and finds it attached to a bell that hangs from the treehouse of one Owl.

Busy Buddies 1944

The Stooges, not faring well with their diner, enter Curly in a milking contest at the County Fair. But when they take him to a pasture to practice, Curly doesnt know a cow from a bull!

Busy Buddies 1956

Jeannie the babysitter is supposed to be looking after an unnamed baby while Joan and George are out. However, she is more interested in talking on the telephone. At first Tom and Jerry take the opportunity to help themselves to some food, but they soon discover the baby crawling away while Jeannie continues to talk on the phone, unaware. Tom and Jerry rescue the baby from increasingly dangerous hazards, such as the cupboards, the sink, a curtain rod, the heating ducts, a flagpole, and a mailbox down the street (which leads to them being shot at by rogue police officers). Tom goes home with the baby, but suddenly the baby falls in the sky. Tom gets a stroller, but the baby uses a diaper as a parachute, and floats to safety. Jeannie is unaware through all of this (even when the baby crawls over her), and at one point even chases Tom away for "bothering the baby" when he returns the baby to the crib.

Mabel's Busy Day 1914

Mabel tries to sell hot dogs at a car race, but isn't doing a very good job at it. She sets down the box of hot dogs and leaves them for a moment. Charlie finds them and gives them away to the hungry spectators at the track as Mabel frantically tries to find her lost box of hot dogs. Mabel finds out that Charlie has stolen them and sends the police after him. Chaos ensues.

The Busy Body 1967

Sid Caesar is a bumbling gopher to a mob boss who must recover a fortune in cash stowed in the suit of a corpse.

The Busy Young Psychic 2013

Xie Junya is a teenage girl who possesses the innate ability to see the dead, a problem that has troubled her for a long time. She sought help at a temple, but the problem was not solved. Instead, many devotees gather to ask her questions about their deceased loved ones and even winning lottery numbers. Her work as a psychic leaves her with no time to practice baseball. What she really cares about is whether a guy in her school’s baseball team likes her. The boy she has a crush on invites Junya to his birthday party. However, there is a long line of people waiting at the temple for her advice. How will she choose between love and her sacred mission?

A Busy Day 1914

A jealous wife (Chaplin) is chasing her unfaithful husband during a parade, after he starts to flirt with a pretty woman.

Too Busy to Work 1939

The Jones family females decide to teach Father a lesson. He's neglecting the family business to run for mayor, so they decide to neglect their household chores.

Mauro is Busy 2013

Mauro is 33 years old and has two graduate degrees, but lives with his parents and can't find a job to save his life...or his sanity. As Mauro begins to inexplicably go off the deep end, he begins self-sabotaging his dates and his job interviews, terrorizing the family maid and making his mother and father wonder what they did to deserve a son like this. Will poor Mauro ever regain his sanity?

Busy Buses 2005

In a garage in the small town of Chumley lives a loveable family of buses. In charge of the buses is Mr Spector, the bus inspector. The buses are his pride and joy and he loves them like his own family. Joking, teasing and chatting, they go about their daily duties, having fun and helping each other out of all kinds of scrapes. This DVD contains 26 episodes of the series including: Sammy Meets A Monster; Stephanie and The Queen; Harry Gets Spooked; Colin Needs A Bath; Sammy Nearly Takes Off; Arnold Gets Lost; Stephanie's Bumpy Day; Sammy's First Day At School; Stephanie Gets Soaked; Susan Runs Away; Arnold In A Tight Spot; Arnold's Special Passenger; Sammy In The Snow; Roger Slips Up; Susan Goes Pink; Arnold's Brother Archie; Sammy Has A Paddle; Roger Meets His Chums; Arnold Gets A New Coat; Frank Comes To Visit; Stephanie's Bossy Day; Sammy Wins The Day; Arnold Gets Sick; Mr. Spector's Flowers; Sammy & The Wrong Day & Sammy The Acrobatic Bus

Keeping Busy 1969

Warhol Superstars Viva and Louis Waldon are the main subjects of Auder’s first film with synched sound, Keeping Busy (1969), which was billed as “a film novel about what they did to keep busy.”

Get Busy 1924

A couple of pals tries to stay out of trouble, without much luck.

Busy Tonight 2018

Busy Phillips gives her hilarious and outspoken opinions on the latest pop culture stories and trending topics with candid celebrity guest interviews and original comedic segments.

Busy Buses 2002

The adventures of a loveable family of buses who live in the small town of Chumley, in the heart of the country-side. As they chat and argue, joke and tease one another, the buses go about their daily duties, and help each other out of all kinds of scrapes.

The Busy World of Richard Scarry 1994

The Busy World of Richard Scarry is a Canadian/French animated children's television series, produced by CINAR Animation and France Animation in association with Paramount Television, which aired from 1994 to 1997, first on Showtime, later on Nickelodeon, and ran for 65 episodes. The television series was based on the books drawn and written by Richard Scarry. Reruns of the show formerly aired in syndication as part of the Cookie Jar Kids Network block, but the show now continues to air on the Cookie Jar Toons block on ThisTV.

WorldEnd: What are you doing at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us? 2017

The fleeting and sad story about little girls known as fairy weapons and an associate hero that survived. This is a world after it was attacked by unidentified monsters known as beasts and many of the species in the world, including humans, had been destroyed. The species that had managed to survived left the ground and were living on a floating island called Regal Ele. Willem Kmetsch wakes up above the clouds 500 years later and couldn’t protect the ones who he wanted to protect. Actually, he was living in despair because he was the only survivor.

Busytown Mysteries 2007

Busytown Mysteries, also known as Hurray for Huckle!, is a Canadian animated television series created by Cookie Jar Entertainment. Currently the series airs in Canada as part of the Kids' CBC block on the Tiny Pop channel and in the United States as part of the Cookie Jar TV block on CBS. Both season one and season two are available for viewing through Netflix streaming on demand. It takes place in Richard Scarry's Busytown and teaches the scientific method through stories in which Huckle Cat solve mysteries by examining evidence. Season one was directed by Ken Cunningham and produced by Christine Davis. Animation for season one was produced by Heli Digital inc. Post production was handled by Fearless films and Supersonics productions inc. Season one was the winner of the 2009 CFTPA award for best children's program, and nominated for the 2009 Pulcinella award for best preschool series at Italy’s prestigious "Cartoons on the Bay". Season two was directed by Larry Jacobs with post directing by Ken Cunningham and produced by Genna Du Plessis, and Audrey Velichka.

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