Born Wild 1968

A small Arizona town is plagued by violence created from the tension between Anglo and Mexican-American youths. Tony (Tom Nardini) is the idealistic new kid in school who tries to alleviate long-time tensions between the rival factions. The Mexican gang is led by Paco (Zooey Hall), a hot-tempered youth with good reason to resent some of his Caucasian counterparts due to past prejudices. Bruce (David Macklin) is the leader of the white gang. Patty McCormack and Joanna Frank are the female interests who become victims of the gang struggles. Tony, formerly from San Diego, attempts to change the attitudes of the polarized and violent groups. Simms (Russ Bender) is a bigoted educator who fans the flames of hate, and Wilson (Arthur Peterson) is the school principal who is helpless to stop the violence between the two factions.

My sister's children 2001

Erik Lund is a professor in child psychology. When his sister and her husband go on vacation, he is left in charge of their five children. He really feels up to it, since he is now going to be able to try out his skills in child psychology. However, reality is something else than theory and children do not always do as they are supposed to, according to his book on child psychology. The children soon fool him into doing as they please when it comes to food and pleasures. However, soon they start to realise that if they can make him serve them hot dogs and hamburgers and let them watch TV as much as they like, they can also make him help them restore their old house, so that they won't have to move, as their parents want to. And, as their uncle is nice enough to help them, they also decide to try and get him a wife.

Born to the West 1937

Dare Rudd takes a shine to his cattleman cousin Tom's girlfriend who asks Tom to hire Dare to head the big cattle drive. Dare loses the money for the drive to cardsharps, but Tom wins it back, but Dare must save Tom's life.

Born Wild 1995

A young documentary filmmaker working for a struggling television station travels to South Africa for work.

Born Reckless 1937

Racketeer Jim Barnes is trying to force the independent taxicab-drivers to join his "protection service" at the cost of five bucks a day. Champion race-car driver, Bob Kane, joins with his friends Lee and "Dad" Martin in a fight for the street rights of a big city.

Born of Fire 1987

A musician searches for the Master Flautist, a supernatural creature who is planning to blow up the world.

Born to Defence 1986

Jet, a young soldier at the end of the second world war must overcome some abusive Americans who are bullying him as well as the Chinese people.

Born Villain 2011

Music video/promo for Marilyn Manson's album of the same name.

Born American 1986

Three American students vacationing in Finland, cross the border into Russia for fun of it. When they are spotted by the Russian soldiers who are shooting to kill, it's not fun anymore. Captured and thrown in jail, they find it's not fun either. It's a nightmare.

Born To Love 1931

A pregnant American nurse (Constance Bennett) living in London during WWI, believing her soldier-fiance (Joel McCrea) has been killed in France, marries a wealthy aristocrat (Paul Cavanagh) so her child will have a father. Director Paul L. Stein's 1931 drama also stars Louise Closser Hale, Anthony Bushell and Eily Malyon.

Born a King

A coming-of-age story set in 1919 about 14 year old Faisal, an Arab prince who is dispatched from the deserts of Arabia to London by his warrior father, Prince Abd Al-Aziz, on a high stakes diplomatic mission to secure the formation of his country.

Born to Boogie 1973

By 1972, the seminal English glam-rock band T-Rex was at the height of what came to be known as "T-Rexstacy:" they had already scored three of their soon-to-be ten straight Top 10 hits. To celebrate their success, Bolan and T-Rex played two sold-out performances at London's Wembley Empire Pool, captured on film by none other than former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr and released as the now-legendary concert film BORN TO BOOGIE. The only existant recording of a full T-Rex concert, BORN TO BOOGIE is centered around the dual live performances (with Ringo and Elton John guest starring on two tracks) and interspersed with an acoustic set filmed at John Lennon's mansion, goofy backstage footage of Bolan, and surreal sequences of nuns and dwarves inserted for visual effect. While the original film ran for roughly one hour, this reissue of BORN TO BOOGIE restores many of the hours-worth of material shot by Ringo.

Born in Evin 2019

Maryam Zaree was born in one of Iran’s most notorious political prisons. In her documental debut, she embarks on a personal search for clues: in an effort to break the silence, she talks with her parents about the violent circumstances surrounding her birth. And she asks other children born in Evin about their experiences and the traumatic consequences. Maryam Zaree’s cinematic approach unfolds through her own biography, but beyond this it alerts us to the horrors of persecution and dehumanisation in Iran and the rest of the world.

Born to Win 2014

A true story of how God turns the hurt, frustration and emptiness of a man into hope, faith and victory to inspire many to be the winners they were born to be.

Born Again 1978

Having been imprisoned for his part in the Watergate scandal, Charles Colson undergoes a religious conversion.

Born Forlorn

In this dry adventure comedy, a down on his luck country/western singer tries to make it to Hollywood by driving 100 mph through the middle of the desert.

American Born 1990

A teenager who is obsessed with gangster movies believes himself to be a real gangster after his father is murdered.

Bornebusch i tevefabriken 2016

Actress and writer Josephine Bornebusch takes a dive into the world of tv-series and meets the stars and the people behind the successes.

14 Year Old Mother 2006

Miki Ichinose is a 14-year-old schoolgirl who is very outgoing and cheerful. She lives with her parents and younger brother. She is in a romantic relationship with Satoshi Kirino who is 15-years-old. They keep their relationship a secret from their parents because Miki is young and Satoshi is expected to excel in school and get into a university so he can take over the family business by his overbearing mother. One night, after a date, they sneak into a treehouse and consummate their relationship. Soon after, Miki suspects that she is pregnant and steals a pregnancy test, which her mother later finds. She is taken to a doctor who confirms her pregnancy. Initially upset, Miki's parents promise they will support her. Miki tells Satoshi of the pregnancy and he takes the news well. However, his mother is furious when she learns of it and forbids the two from seeing each other.

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