Born Innocent 1974

A constant runaway is given over to the care of the state and finds herself in a remand centre for girls. She is soon caught between the uncaring bureaucracy, the sometimes brutal treatment from her peers and her own abusive family, and only one care worker sees her potential to rise above her tragic circumstances.

Born to Raise Hell 2010

A hard core Interpol Agent is assigned to an Eastern European task force to target gun trafficking and dope running throughout the Balkans. While investigating a Russian gun dealer, his team is caught in a bloody street war between a Gypsy gang and the Russians, leaving one task force member dead. Fueled with vengeance, he leads us on an action packed thrill ride while avenging his friend's death.

Born on the Fourth of July 1989

The biography of Ron Kovic. Paralyzed in the Vietnam war, he becomes an anti-war and pro-human rights political activist after feeling betrayed by the country he fought for.

Born Equal 2006

Four characters living in one neighborhood in London - all living dramatically different lives, all of them on the edge - see their stories unfold.

12/12/12 2012

When baby Sebastian is born on 12/12/12 everyone around him starts to die. Soon, his mother realizes that her son is the spawn of Hell.

First Born 2007

Laura's expecting. Her husband, Steven's a loving guy but has little time for her. Her mom lives thousands of miles away. Forced to give up on her dreams, she's always been a bit edgy. A C-section drives her over the edge, making her see things in a different light. A creepy babysitter doesn't make things any better. She begins seeing things, trusts no one, as she goes into self-destruct mode.

Born in East L.A. 1987

Rudy, an American of Hispanic descent, whose south-of-the-border looks show him no mercy during an immigration raid in a migrant worker factory. As his luck goes, he is caught with neither money nor his ID and is deported to Mexico - without speaking a word of Spanish!

Born to Kill 1947

Helen Brent (Claire Trevor) has just received a Reno divorce. That night, she discovers one of her neighbors, Laury Palmer, and a gentleman caller murdered in Palmer's home. The killer is her neighbor's other boyfriend, Sam Wilde (Lawrence Tierney), an insanely jealous man who won't abide anyone "cutting in" on him.

Born to Be Bad 1934

Letty, a young woman who ended up pregnant, unmarried and on the streets at fifteen is bitter and determined that her child will not grow up to be taken advantage of. Letty teaches her child to lie, steal, cheat and anything else he'll need to be street smart.

Born Wild 1995

A young documentary filmmaker working for a struggling television station travels to South Africa for work.

Born American 1986

Three American students vacationing in Finland, cross the border into Russia for fun of it. When they are spotted by the Russian soldiers who are shooting to kill, it's not fun anymore. Captured and thrown in jail, they find it's not fun either. It's a nightmare.

Born of Hope 2009

A scattered people, the descendants of storied sea-kings of the ancient West, struggle to survive in a lonely wilderness as a dark force relentlessly bends its will toward their destruction. Yet amidst these valiant, desperate people, hope remains. A royal house endures unbroken from father to son.

A Song Is Born 1948

The story of seven scholars in search of an expert to teach them about swing music. They seem to have found the perfect candidate in winsome nightclub singer Honey Swanson. But Honey's gangster boyfriend doesn't want to give her up.

Born to Ride 2011

The stars of Starship Troopers are back in action! Mike (Casper Van Dien) decides to hit the road on his refurbished classic motorcycle along with best buddy Alex (Patrick Muldoon), but their trek takes a surprising turn when they become involved in a plan involving political blackmail, corruption, and dirty money. Carrying evidence that could get them killed at any minute, the boys are chased on the open road but turn their skills to their own advantage. William Forsythe (Raising Arizona) and Theresa Russell (Wild Things) also star in this gun-blazing, rip-roaring adventure from the director of Every Which Way But Loose you’ll never forget!

Born to the West 1937

Dare Rudd takes a shine to his cattleman cousin Tom's girlfriend who asks Tom to hire Dare to head the big cattle drive. Dare loses the money for the drive to cardsharps, but Tom wins it back, but Dare must save Tom's life.

Born to Dance 1936

Sailor Ted meets and falls in love with Nora Paige, an aspiring Broadway show dancer, at the Lonely Hearts Club. After Ted rescues Lucy James' Pekinese during a public relations campaign on his submarine, Lucy falls in love with Ted; and Ted's captain orders him to meet Lucy for a date at a night club breaking a date with Nora. When she sees a picture of Ted and Lucy in the newspaper, Nora, who lives with Jenny and her daughter (Jenny's husband is Gunny), no longer wants anything to do with Ted.

Born Wild 2012

After being released from prison for the murder of a fellow biker; CJ returns to his hometown to confront his former gang. However; he arrives to find that the past is not forgotten easily; and now they are out for blood.

Born Strong 2017

Born Strong is the story of the four strongest men on the planet. Each year, the Arnold Strongman Classic crowns the winner in the purest test of strength on the planet. This year’s Arnolds are unique with each of these four weighing more than 400 pounds. Lithuanian Zydrunas Savickas, 40, is the acknowledged Strongest Man Ever, who may have passed his prime. American Brian Shaw is the defending champion, a 6’8’, 425-pound giant who seems poised to take the crown. England’s Eddie Hall is “the hungry wolf, ” knocking on the door. “I’ll do anything, ” he says. “I’ll die, if I have to. ” Finally, there’s Icelander Hafthor Bjornsson, who plays the Mountain on Game of Thrones. He’s the youngest of the group, but with perhaps the greatest potential. “It’s great to see these Monsters, ” says Arnold Schwarzenegger, the host of the competition and a former bodybuilding champion. Born Strong revels in the drama when these remarkable giants clash.

Born Diva

Born Diva is a television reality show that airs in the Philippines.

A Plane Is Born 2000

A Plane is Born, presented by Mark Evans, was a 15 part series for Discovery Home and Leisure, in which he not only learned to fly but also built his own two-seater aeroplane. During the course of the series, he tackled everything from the composite control surfaces to the installation of the engine. The series took the viewer for the first time through the step-by-step process of building a 200 mph kit aircraft, capable of flying from England to the South of France on a single tank of fuel.

Born to Dance

Born to Dance is a reality dance competition show for females on BET starring Laurieann Gibson which debuted on August 2, 2011 at 10:00pm. Contestants will compete for a prize of $50,000 which will go to the winner. Auditions for the show were held in New York City, Los Angeles and Atlanta. The series premier averaged 1.2 million viewers. On the final episode broadcast September 20, 2011, LaTonya Swann was announced as the winner.

An MG Is Born 2005

Mark Evans is back in his workshop to restore a 1973 MGB Roadster back to Showroom in condition in this episode of the popular Discovery Real Time TV series. It's one of the last chrome-bumpered cars ever built, and Mark intends to turn it into a unique collector's item. Follow the world's best-loved amateur mechanic as he strips the MG down to every last nut and bolt, and painstakingly rebuilds it from the ground up. An MG is Born is a unique piece of MG history - the first TV documentary of its kind dedicated to the MGB - and almost certainly the last. This is a fascinating and detailed insight into the engineering, design and restoration of one of the world's most popular and well-known sports cars, and is a fantastic reference tool for existing or would-be MGB restorers.

Born to Shine

Born to Shine was an ITV entertainment programme which featured celebrities who learn a new skill taught to them by talented teenagers, live on Sunday evenings. The show was presented by Natasha Kaplinsky and won by Jason Manford.

Born to Be Different 2003

Born to Be Different is a British documentary on Channel 4, which follows the life of six disabled children. Reviewing the show, TimesOnline commented with irony that "by the end of [it], we had sobered up entirely. A queasy feeling followed, of being pulled morally up and down and in and out until you didn't know whom you pitied or why. The sign, in other words, of excellent television." In its review, The London Paper expressed concerns about the voyeuristic approach of the show and asks: "what is to be gained from watching harried mothers breaking down, and children being constantly reminded of their problems by the camera crew? [...] Let’s just hope Channel 4's intentions were in the right place." The music for the series was composed by Julian Stewart Lindsay.

Born to Be

Born to Be is a documentary television series that aired on the Canadian music station MuchMusic. The program documented and featured archival footage of interviews with house-hold name music celebrities of their success, i.e. Gwen Stefani, Mariah Carey, Nelly Furtado, Avril Lavigne, Demi Lovato, Marianas Trench and 50 Cent. Each episode centreed on individual music celebrity's childhoods, their musical influences, sources of inspiration, and their achievements that have led to their successful music career.

Is Born series

The Is Born collection of Television series produced for the Discovery Channel in the UK, presented by Mark Evans. Each series follows Mark Evans through either the building or restoring of a vehicle

A 4x4 is Born

Watch and enjoy as Mark Evans turns an old rust-bucket Range Rover rescued from the scrap-heap and transforms it into the ultimate boulder-crawling beauty! When complete, Mark reckons the vehicle will virtually be able to climb a vertical wall! The extreme 3.5 litre, V8 powered, R380 gearboxed off-roader, custom built from scratch by Mark, also boasts some serious off-road kit, including: an outrageous hi-lift suspension system; a hand-made, one-off roll-cage & a specially modified twin-tank fuel system.

Born to Be Wild

Born to be Wild is a travel and wildlife show of GMA Network aired every Wednesday nights and hosted by Kiko Rustia and Nielsen Donato, formerly hosted by Ferdinand Recio and Romi Garduce. On August 4, 2010, the show began to shot in high definition format, although it still being aired in standard definition. The travel and wildlife program named after the Warner Bros. family comedy film of the same name.

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